Review of Devilman Crybaby

[Rating 4.25/5]

I might be onto something here, as I’m doing yet again another anime review. This time it’s different though, this time it’s the highly trending, Devilman Crybaby. I’ve been hearing a lot about it for a while. Didn’t know much about it, but I guess that was good in some sort of way, so I could form my own opinions on it.

It seems like the typical anime that you would watch on a regular basis, it reminds me of—honestly I don’t know what it reminds of, but it does look cool.

This is all over the Internet currently, so I thought I would give it a watch.


It’s basically about this emotional teenager, Akira, who cries a lot. Things take a turn for the worse, when Ryou, a childhood friend of Akira shows up out of nowhere. He tells Akira of the existence of devils, and that they are secretly merging with humans in order to gain total control over Earth.

They attend an underground demonic party filled with orgies and the such, where Ryou’s true intention and purpose for reuniting with Akira are revealed. During a bloodbath caused by Ryou, he beckons upon the demon Amon to fuse with Akira, thus transforming the lowly teenager into Devilman.


I like the abstract designs, it doesn’t follow the typical anime design. It’s simple, yet can still catch your eye even if you’re not paying complete attention to it.

There are a lot of sexual themes packed in, even in the beginning. That’s typical usually typical, but seeing as this is a Netflix Original, you wouldn’t expect that much, but hey—anime.


What I like about it, is that it picks up very quick. The gore scenes are like—very out there. The scenes are like some psychedelic trip, or one of those 80’s say no to drug commercial cartoons—if you were born in that time, I wasn’t, but you get the idea.

When I went deeper into the story, the storyline had a huge resemblance to Parasyte, for those of you who are familiar with it. Creatures that can grant you abilities, if you don’t allow them to control your body totally. Maybe someone who was working on Parasyte inspired this one too.


And I know I said this before, but the more you get into it, the heavier the sexual themes get, it’s funny actually. I wonder if it has some underlying meaning.

Deep down into the first season, I though it would be very abstract, serious but funnier elements would be placed in there more than anything, but it turned out to be very engaging. I’m looking forward the next season, if Netflix keeps putting out these top-tier originals, they could be the go-to for anime, there might be even more premiers on there.


I was thoroughly impressed by the Castlevania original, when I watched it I never knew it would be that great. Now, everyone is patiently waiting for the Season 2.

All in all, I would recommend Devilman Crybaby, if you can withstand the heavy gore and sexual themes, then you should be alright.

What I like about the end of this season, is that they didn’t go for the stereotypical good guy ending, surprisingly, it left everything on a good note.

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    1. You should. I usually don’t go for mainstream as it can be overrated at times, but I have to admit I was highly entertained. Hope there’s a season 2.

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