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I‘ve thought about reviewing comics lately. But instead of just covering mainstream material, I said I’d do indie too.

After searching carefully, I came across Capacitas.


It’s not Spanish — I thought so too. It’s actually a manga from Marika Herzog, also known as demoniacalchild.

Capacitas’ story is about an orphan named Aaron Havers. He’s a hunter, a group formed by C.H.I.L.D that protects humanity from the creatures of PLANEMO, a mysterious planet near Earth.

Haydle in a Neestack

The plot’s easy to follow, the artwork is phenomenal, and it isn’t one of the many experimental, less than serious content littered all over the Internet.

Good art? Check. Great dialogue? Double check. Unique and logical plot? Tell me for yourselves, I’ll leave a link at the end.

You Were My Brother Anakin!

What’s interesting about Capacitas, it wasn’t created by a Japanese artist — Marika’s German. That impressed me, it’s up there with a good portion of the manga I’ve read, and it’s still in the early stages.

This has huge potential. And one thing’s for certain, the artwork is flawless, it’s the main feature that stood out to me.

Why I Chose This

There are thousands of indie comics, excluding the ones that aren’t on the Internet yet.

When I sifted through a few, they all shared the same problems. If the plot is great, then the art is mediocre. When the visuals hit the mark, the story line is unnecessarily complex, or there’s too much to read in any one scene.

それは水曜日です My Dudes

Support Marika, there are many independent authors, but not enough comic creators.

Whereas you can write a book and leave the rest to the reader’s imagination, a comic is  dependent upon the creator’s vision. Poor art, equals poor feedback.

And art, especially Japanese art, isn’t an easy craft. I like Capacitas very much. Looking forward to the upcoming issues. I recommend taking the time to check it out.

Checking into coffee rehab.Checking into coffee rehab.



  1. Hmmm, I think for me if the plot and the characters are interesting and well developed, I can ignore if the art is…lacking. And sometimes the artists surprise you. I remember when I started reading “Tokyo Ghoul” by Ishida Sui, I was not really appreciating the drawings at all. Quite often thought to myself it could be better. And then suddenly…baboushka! A sudden development in skill! And I was blessed with beautiful art fitting the story. Now I’m in awe of his style. But if the story lacks, more than often I find myself not following the comic. No matter how pretty it is.

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