Lara’s Evolution


Since 1996, we have all loved the smart, bad ass, Lara Croft. From exploring, to finding treasures and artifacts, solving puzzles, tigers and lions and bats, oh my! And of course, those iconic dual pistols.

Oh, and the T-Rex, can’t forget about that.

Although the 2013 reboot took a different turn—Lara just graduating from college and just starting to find her way—it is once again taking us on a ride.

The first game of the trilogy, young Lara sets out on the Endurance with a crew to seek the lost kingdom of Yamatai. But little did she know she was about to embark on an unforgettable adventure that will change her life. The game is set in the Dragon’s Triangle off the coast of Japan. After the Endurance is wrecked by a storm, Lara and the crew fight for their lives as they try to escape the Solarii Botherhood and a powerful supernatural legend.

The sequel titled Rise of the Tomb Raider, which was released in 2015, is set a year after the events on the island. Lara seeks for answers on her father’s research about the lost city of Kitezh. As she travels to Siberia, she bestows upon Trinity, a powerful organization seeking the Divine Source. Once again, she fights her way through but isn’t quite finished with Trinity.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider which will be released September 14th (hopefully with no delays and yes, I will be getting that collector’s edition as per usual) continues that story.


From what I’ve read so far, Lara seeks a Mayan relic and guess who else wants it? Trinity. Shit happens. Something about an apocalypse?! I’m excited!

All and all, I feel like it might be more of the same with a few additions. I’m still excited to experience it and to see where the story takes Lara

Even though it’s a trilogy and Shadow is the last, I still believe it won’t be the end of Tomb Raider. I’d like to see young Lara turn into the Lara that we all know and love. And I think we’re getting close. Peep the outfit she’s wearing at the end of the trailer…looks familiar?

Here’s the link to the trailer:

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