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[Rating 4/5]

Murder and mystery has never been my thing, however, I was a big fan—still am—of Sherlock Holmes. The idea of trying out Murder on the Orient Express didn’t seem so bad.


I tried reading the book at first, in my efforts to gain a more in depth understanding of the plot before watching the movie, but that didn’t turn out so well, as reading Crime, Mystery and the such never interested me. So I just went straight into the film.

When watching this I remember that I do like when detectives piece together clues, that sometimes are too abstract for inclusion in what seems like an average case, as Sherlock did.

Just a side-note, was I the only person that thought this had a feel similar to that of Pink Panther? Minus the clumsiness. Maybe it’s just me but—whatever.


I like the fast-paced style, movies that have that tendency always have my attention from the start. The feeling of trying to keep up always gives me a rush. When I started to read the novel, I thought it had a more serious note, surprisingly, the movie is fun to watch.

You know what tends to get me about these types of movies, after I finish watching, I’ll think that it’s so cool to be whatever profession the protagonist is, then shortly after, try to find a book telling or instructing me how I can become such. I read for a short while, telling myself I’ll become the best at it, then completely forget about it, and move on to the next pursuit—I hate myself.

Also what stood out to me in this, it’s one of the very few where I can hardly picture Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow, I mean, the resemblance is still there a little, but after I watched Pirates of the Caribbean, that kind of ruined it for me as far as Johnny Depp goes. I like POTC don’t get me wrong, it’s just that his role in that movie overpowered all his other ones, so it’s nice and refreshing to see that this kind of switched things up a little. It must have taken enormous amounts of work.


The movie is about the revered Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, and how his peaceful train ride on the Orient Express makes a turn for the worse. A murder case springs upon him during his ride to solve another case, and he must now decipher which of the passengers committed the crime.

The unconventional ending of we-all-win wasn’t bad, but it would have been nice with a clichéd lone killer. I enjoyed it, though a little bit too touchy and emotional for my pace, it’s alright.

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