How I May Not Decide to Go into Space Again after This

(Rating – 3.75/5)

Let me not beat around the bush. I didn’t read all of Armada, and I’m going to explain why. I don’t know if this is case for many of you, but usually within the first few words or paragraphs of a book, I almost always know whether or not I’m going to enjoy, or even finish reading it. If I don’t get the “rush”, as I call it, then often it will be a sub par reading experience. This is exactly what happened while reading Armada.

I’m not going to get too much into details, as I wasn’t feeling very enthused about knowing everything. But it’s the story of Zach Lightman, an eighteen year old who is very skilled at video games, particularly at one called Armada, a shooting flight simulator that takes place in space. He comes to find out Armada, which he’s a top player in, isn’t entirely a video game, but a training simulation to prepare him, and other talented gamers, for an impending alien invasion from a race called the Europans, inhabitants of Jupiter’s Europa moon. His father goes missi—I’m going to stop right here. To be honest, I was only interested in reading this because it was from Ernest Cline. I really enjoyed Ready Player One, so I’m lost as to why I had to force myself to read Armada. Maybe it wasn’t for me—obviously. But I don’t think it’s horrible—just not very thrilling.

The character background is nice, I had no problem following along as to what was going on but—I don’t like to pretend to enjoy something I really don’t; it’s not a matter of boredom as it is of health; I can get sick—really depressed if I do. I still went through with the review however, as it seems to be a popular book.

Here is one issue I had with it. The plot’s momentum was too slow. I mean, not all stories have to get straight into it, as some are written in a way to build suspense, but reading this—I don’t think I had to wait until the middle of the book for the plot to get interesting. You know the feeling you get, when a television show gets interesting and you hold on to something, go to the edge of your seat, or lay on your stomach and open your eyes wide when “things get good”?—Never happened.

Probably it was just my mood, as I haven’t been feeling well lately; mental drain can affect me physically, but I know that wasn’t the main reason. I took up, put down, took back up, glanced, and repeated the same cycle when trying to finish Armada, which as I told you—I didn’t.

Armada isn’t an entirely bad read—just wasn’t what I was expecting. Leave your experience about reading the book, or what you did or didn’t like about it in the comments section. Also follow, like, and share if you enjoy these uneducated blog posts. I think Cline took writing this book for granted because of how successful Ready Player One was. I don’t mean he had the I’m-big-now-so-I-don’t-have-to-put-that-much-effort-into-it mentality—well, probably. But specifically, I think because of Ready Player One‘s huge success, he may have thought everyone would have praised this book just as much, regardless of how much detail that went into it. But it’s just a guess. Remember, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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  1. Now I’m really curious about this because I loved RPO too! I have Armada, haven’t gotten to it yet but after I’m done with my current read I’m going to check it out. I’ll send my feedback if you’d like to know.

    1. Yes Jess, I think everyone can agree that RPO was an awesome book, but Armada didn’t cut it, for me at least. To be honest, I never even read the entire thing, the plot’s momentum was too slow for me. My motivation is affected by first impressions. Sadly, I wasn’t very impressed. Yes, I’d certainly appreciate your feedback, and a healthy discussion over it; I’m trying to get other viewpoints, to see if I may have missed anything.

      1. Absolutely, I understand. I’ve picked up a few books and after reading a few pages or a chapter to give it a chance, I just knew I wouldn’t like it and don’t finish the book. So I feel ya. I will definitely send feedback.

          1. Yea, I feel the same way as well, thought I was the only one. If I watch the movie first, it can even screw with my reading. But, Ready Player One is supposed to be out soon, we’ll see how that goes.

    1. Yea, even though it’s understandable, as everything can’t go into the film, but sometimes important stuff gets left out. I haven’t even watched the trailer yet. The day I got the book, I was surfing Youtube, and I glanced at the thumbnail for the movie, which I didn’t even know was in production. True story. It was the fastest I ever came off Youtube, I started reading it immediately. But, since you said that I’ll take a look then, as I forgot about it.

      1. I’m glad we were able to read the book first. I don’t like when watch a movie to then find out it was originally a book, takes away how I imagine the characters, ya know? Don’t like the outside influence.

  2. Your posts ARE NOT…UNEDUCATED! (an Master of Science in Education degree talking here!)–! I appreciate your honesty. By the way, talking about space invasions, do you listen to GROUND ZERO RADIO with Clyde Lewis???

  3. Just want to say I admire you for saying, in effect, “I don’t like this book and I’m not going to finish it.” Too many people feel they have to finish a book No Matter What. Life is too short, man.

    1. Thanks, I appreciate that man. By you saying that, I can tell you’re the same way. I mean, it wasn’t a horrible book, but there was no way I was going to torture myself by force reading it.

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