Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling (Rating-4.5/5)

Hold on to your pitchforks, I’m going to explain. It’s simple—okay, maybe it isn’t. But I expected this would happen, just not years after this book’s release—years, years after.

It’s all simple really—said that twice now. Firstly, I have an unrelated confession to make. I’ve never watched any of the movies—unrelated. I mean, I’ve seen bits and pieces, and am aware of the plot. However, I delayed watching the series in its entirety, until after reading the books. Sadly, before I knew it, the sequels piled up, and playing catch-up was starting to look more like catch.

Now that “context” is out of the way. After reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, I thought it was an enjoyable read. Additionally, I’m not the only Potter newbie—okay, maybe I am. Explaining why I never read Harry Potter to the Internet—if only my parents could see me now.

We all know of Harry Potter, so no need to explain. It’s about a young orphan who finds out he’s a wizard. He gets invited to the same school of magic as his parents. However, everything is not as it seems at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The dark wizard, that murdered his parents, is planning a return to wreak havoc once again.

I now see why a lot of people enjoy Harry Potter. The book’s flow was smooth, a perfect balance between hard and easy—unnecessarily described medium. One observation, this didn’t feel like a children’s book. I can recall when this novel first came out, a lot of persons I knew hopped onto the Harry Potter train—no pun intended? This book felt more suited for a mature audience. I don’t mean it was graphic, or inappropriate. But I was expecting a more child-like flow. For that, I’m thoroughly impressed.

Chamber of Secrets might be my next read. More than likely I’ll go through all the books, despite the numbers, including spin-offs. I’ve nothing more to say. Spoilers may have influenced my reading experience, both positively and negatively. It’s one of the biggest series of our time. Avoiding spoilers for a franchise, that majority of the world knew about, was challenging. At least I can now watch the first movie completely, without book-guilt—yes, that’s a thing.

And Potter fans, please show mercy. Anyway, leave a like, comment, and subscribe, for more uneducated posts. I wanted to finish with something smart, but I’m still disappointed over spoiling my dinner. Peace, love, and friendship for everyone—joke.

Last part for my lightsaber.Last part for my lightsaber.



  1. I grew up with Harry Potter, and still love it with a mildly embarrassing verocity, but I am always interested to hear what people who didn’t grow up with it think of it now that Harry Potter is such a huge trend. I am glad that you found it enjoyable 😊

    1. Lol, yea. It was embarrassing, I wanted to read the books seeing as it blew up very fast. But yea, it was a great read. Glad a Potter fan agreed with me, I was afraid of potential backlash lol

  2. Seriously- I´m giving you all kinds of virtual high fives for reading Harry P ( especially years after publication). I´m not judging you one bit. I never hopped on that train but I did try to watch the movies ( after falling asleep at the movies I gave up watching the HP movies all together. That was after movie 3.) And like you…YEARS, light years, later I thought I´d give the books a go. I agree with you- They don´t seem like they´re for a younger audience and I think its a story well told. Still- I couldn´t bring myself to read the second book because I´m just not that into Harry Potter. I mean- fine if someone likes it but the books aren´t for me ( and neither are the movies).Great post!!

    1. 🙂 Thanks Morgana lol I felt out of place when I decided to read this book, but your comment takes some guilt of my shoulders. I think for many people, like both of us, the Harry Potter train missed us and we were okay if we didn’t see, up to date because…..I guess that’s just how things are I guess. Never disliked it, just thought I wasn’t in the demographic when it came out.

      1. Naaw! Never feel guilty when it comes to those books. Just become a silent book ninja and never comment on HP stuff. LMAO. I´ve learned through the years that no matter what you say- it´s always wrong when it comes to HP. Can you imagine how people stare at my bookshelves and notice there isn´t a HP collection? Imagine the discussion afterwards too. Brutal. The night always ends with “You have got to read them. I swear, it´s the best thing you´ve ever read.” Or they say “You didn´t read them when they were published?” I´m sitting here thinking- Nope. I was busy….reading something else. LMAO. As you´ve said- you and I don´t hate HP but we´re just not on it´s radar.

        1. Lol I love this. I literally felt I was alone in this struggle. I watched Lord of The Rings, but I never read any of the books. I just never got around to it, but I want to soon. Ironically, it’s easier to get more reading done now, even with all the technological distractions. What book are you reading currently?

          1. Oooh, my parents used to read The Lord of The Rings to me when I was a kid. So, I don´t really have to read them myself- I already know them by heart. * wipe tears away from laughing * I´d say ( if you´re a book fanatic ) then go ahead and read them. If not then just stick with what Peter Jackson did ( because the movies adaption is great!) There are some books that are so overrated. Have you been on Reddit´s Lit thread? Omg, it´s like a cat fight over what classic lierature a person needs to read in their life, etc.
            Right now, I´m reading Glass Sword by Victoria Aveyard. Or- I´m more or less forcing my way through that book. I´m having a love / hate relationship with that story. What are you currently reading?

          2. Nice. Yea, I may just do that. No I haven’t been on the thread, I’ll have to check it out. I’m almost finished with Chamber of Secrets. The HP series seems to be great in general, not sure when I’ll finish it though due to time.

  3. Don’t worry we’ll aka the potterheads will sort you out soon.Actually Harry Potter is a franchise where you don’t need to educate someone about it.They’ll learn sooner or later -Hp is inevitable😂😂.
    Follow or subscribe to my page cause I review Hp books and many more.Also feel free to comment on my posts….☺👍👍

    1. Nice, and welcome. There isn’t much to it generally. The key is to blog about your passion, follow that and you’ll do everything else effortlessly. I know it sounds cliche, but trust me….it works. Even if you have success with something you’re not so knowledgeable about, it’ll quickly become a chore. Do what you love, and you’ll love what you do.

  4. I agree with your assessment that it feels like its target audience is a bit older, and that becomes true the more and more you read. I’m reading the entire series to my son now I already need to do a lot of talking with him about what’s going on, and we are on the third book. As far as the movies go, some of them are terrible, but the best ones are the ones that refuse to adhere too closely to the books (the third one is a masterpiece). Well, except for the fourth one. They blew it there. Completely.

    1. Yes it certainly does not read like a children’s book. And that is coincidental that I think the third movie looked awesome, though I am yet to watch it in its entirety until I’ve read all the books-hopefully.

  5. I only read the books for the first time a couple years ago myself. I remember the first book being enjoyable, with elements of the greatness that some of the earlier books would become, but JK Rowling clearly hadn’t mastered her craft quite yet. With the exception of the fifth book, they’re all better than the last.

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