Darth Plagueis by James Luceno (Rating – 4/5)

Who doesn’t love Star Wars—am I right? Anybody?—Guess I’m the only one. Let me state, just because something is from Star Wars doesn’t mean it has to be good—okay maybe it does. But on the other hand, look at the recent work from the Lucas universe. Many people, let’s just say—are not at optimal enthusiasm that’s normally attributed to fans of the critically acclaimed franchise of a world renown genius of Science Fiction. You may have noticed, but I tiptoed around the word happy. Tread lightly with Star Wars fans; I would know, I’m one. We aren’t talking about movies now however, we’ll leave that for a next time probably. But Mickey—you’ve got some ‘splainin to do.

Darth Plagueis is insight into the legacy of the Muun, Hego Damask, also known as Darth Plagueis, former Sith Lord and Master of Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, also known as Darth Sidious, also also known as The Emperor, at least in the Skywalker Legacy. But we aren’t talking about that. When you get into the depth of wh—boring, we all know why we love Star Wars; lightsaber battles and “You will follow, like, and share this blog post” Jedi mind tricks. It was at this time Jedi Master_Splynter realized he should have started with a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. That would’ve been a great intro to this post—Eh, spilled Bantha milk.

Let’s be serious for a moment. What I’ve always liked about the Star Wars universe, is how detailed it is. Even the politics of the Senate can momentarily distract you from the continuous struggle between followers of the Light, and Dark Side of the Force. James Luceno did good. He’s one of the best writers that vividly brings out this aspect of the franchise. Darth Plagueis gives satisfying answers to important questions we had about Sidious, like how did he become a Sith and why was he able to slay a powerful Sith Lord like Plagueis, who supposedly had mastery over life and death. Though this was about Plagueis, at times it felt like Sidious was the main protagonist—wait, is it antagonist, seeing as he and Plagueis were the opposing ones? Doesn’t matter. Main point is, it read at times as if Sideous had the leading role, or maybe he did. Point reiterated, it’s confusing—in a good way.

Even after you cover a good portion of this book, you think you know—but you don’t. That’s marvelous, true craftsmanship. It’s commendable that even though this was a prequel based on a character, not introduced in the motion picture part of the franchise—at least not yet—important characters, even hints of them, were integrated perfectly into the story, and it never felt forced just for the sake of making the plot better.

There was one slight issue I had with the book—funny actually—but it evened out towards the middle. There were very complex words in the beginning—I’m not illiterate, alright maybe a little. I searched frequently for definitions, even wondered if some were real due to being apparently missing from a dictionary—connected to the Internet. It was like driving on a smooth road, with huge bumps along the ride. But as I said, it smoothed out—no pun intended—either that or I became smarter, plausible as well.

There’s nothing more to say. Give it a read and let me know how you enjoyed it and what were your favorite parts. May the for—let’s not end with that. Peace.

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  1. I enjoyed reading Darth Plagueis when I read it a few years back – unfortunately the Star Wars books have gotten much too expensive for my pocket book. Here lately I’ve been reading

    1. Return to Haven book 3 of a series of 4 so far written by D. J. Holmes and it is really good.

      A pox on the mouse may his cojones shrivel up and fall off along with minie mouse’s unimpressive rack. May a cat devour em both for what they did to my beloved Star Wars. Kudos to John Williams for his magnificent score well worth the price of movie ticket to listen to – just close your eyes and ignore the rest.

      Btw I prefer to read and write over watching television. 🙂 chow baby!

      1. Yes, unfortunately this, and many other books, if not all, are no longer canon. This was one of the biggest cons, resulting from the Disney takeover. But they are still great reads. Lol, if you’re referring to my name, it’s just a name, nothing more. It was randomly chosen, I actually don’t watch as much television as I used to, as a matter of fact, I never even watched anything apart from favorite shows, which was the only thing I used the tele for, rather than just watch it mindlessly. But yes, it’s sad what they’ve done to Star Wars, we all knew this was coming though, when they made the announcement about the rights transfer, so many of us aren’t surprised. Not because of George Lucas delegating the work to someone else, but due to Disney’s track record manipulation, rather than focusing on details, just for the sake of profit.

        1. Here’s what I wrote about The Last Jedi:

          Well at least the special effects were good and the music score wss great. Princess Leia lost her nerve and recalled the bombers Poe kept his and continued the mission – if he hadn’t Leia would have gotten them all killed before they could have escaped. In the force awakens it was all right for wannabe Vader to kill his father but in the last jedi he just couldn’t bring himself to pull the trigger and kill his mother. Leia’s vice admiral was an incompetent bitch who likes to demonstrate her power over men. She just stood there watching the shuttles being blown up one by one until the light went off in her head only to demonstrate how bad a pilot she was by giving wannabe vader’s ship a glancing blow. Ultimately Leia led her ragtag resistance group into a trap and would have been destroyed if Luke and Chewie hadn’t showed up to save the day. Yep once again incompetent female gets saved by a real man who as usual died in the end saving her butt. The film is feminist propaganda – we do live in the age of the goddess after all – but (even though unintentionally) it does showcase why no civilization headed by women ever made it out of the stone age.

          1. Haha. Wow, you really didn’t like the movie. If I could go through the list of reasons of why this movie didn’t meet expectations, by real Star Wars fans, I would be reading for hours. Surprisingly, the Force Awakens wasn’t that bad. I wasn’t eager to watch it until a month before The Last Jedi, it still missed some things, but The Last Jedi was the nail in the coffin. There were a lot of unnecessary elements added to the plot. They wanted to capitalize on the success of the previous trilogies, and the Skywalker legacy, but it just made things worse. Personally, I think they should have went in a completely different direction with the story. It didn’t have to be anything remotely related to the Skywalkers. As one person I saw reviewing The Last Jedi said, there’s nothing wrong with the diversity, but when you force it, instead of focusing on making a great movie, then it does more harm than good. The girl with Finn, I can’t even remember her name due to how irrelevant she was to the story, served no clear purpose. And in addition to everything, the production time was too short. This is Star Wars we are talking about, not some B-list movie. As I said, we can’t say we never saw this coming.

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