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5 Reasons It’s Always Sunny Is the Greatest

I usually don’t cover anything that’s as dear to my heart as It’s Always Sunny.

But if you’re reading this post because of the “implication”, or because of the Nightman out of fear for your boy’s soul, then this is for you.

I’ll look at why we all love this dark comedy that brightened our lives.


 It's Always Sunny the Bike

1. Boundaries are Pushed to the Edge—Very Edge

There are a lot of sitcoms that came and made their homes in our hearts. But there’s none quite as entertaining or edgy as It’s Always Sunny.

In the early seasons the shock-factor was still in the experimental stages. And though at first I thought it’d become safe and “Hollywood”, so as to appeal to a larger audience, the cast never stopped redefining the limits of comedy.


It's Always Sunny Uncle Jack

2. The Characters are As Close to Real Life As You Can Get

In the Internet age, our brains have become hard-wired and dependent on live entertainment, instead of the scripted junk of mainstream.

Thus, a lot of what was considered funny several years ago, is now seen as cheesy and predictable. With the expected background laughter for even the unfunniest of jokes.

The magic of the hybrid improv-comedy in It’s Always Sunny, is what keeps viewers coming back every time.

It’s like a scripted, unscripted form of entertainment—if there’s such a thing.

Slip-ups, impulsive speech, personality flaws, etc. all give the show a permanent place in edgy humor. The role of each cast member, gives the impression that it’s just too real to be on-camera personalities.


It's Always Sunny Father McPoyle

3. The Lack of Dependence on Big Actors

It’s commonplace—if not almost—that many series, comedies, actors, and so forth, rely on bigger brands or stars to give them an extra push.

Even though a few seasons in the cast took in Danny DeVito, it was already at its peak before the actor came on.

It’s debatable that the show would’ve probably been better off without him, or any other well-known star.

DeVito provided some value to the show however, despite how small it may have been. It’s Always Sunny’s humor is niche to the point, that it’s not easy to find anyone that’s compatible with their style of humor.


It's Always Sunny Denim Chicken

4. It’s Always Sunny is Consistent

Hard to imagine, that any show could maintain good content for more than a couple of seasons. It’s Always Sunny has done this for 12 seasons, one of the longest running sitcoms ever.

An extraordinary feat.

Many series have died before coming even remotely close. Now going on for their 13th season, and possibly even more if their in-demand talent frees them up to continue their masterpiece.


It's Always Sunny Charlie Becomes Smart

5. It Keeps You on Your Toes Intellectually—Ironically

Not a lot of persons expect anything brainy to come from any form of comedy.

Unless you’re familiar with the endless pop-culture references and relentless witty humor, you’ll be lost within seconds of watching.

Not saying, that if you don’t get it immediately you’re hopeless—hopefully. But you’re inevitably forced to think on the spot, which isn’t common in comedy.

The series caters to the fast-paced lifestyle, and short attention span, of our generation.


It's Always Sunny the Gang

The Gang Makes a Conclusion…

When all is said and done, It’s Always Sunny will always have a place in our hearts. Fans of the series eagerly anticipate each season and the shenanigans of the gang.

All things come to an end eventually. Hopefully, we’ll get enough to satisfy our appetite that the grand finale isn’t as soul-crushing.


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