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What We’ve All Been Waiting For…

Remember when I spoke about how I thought Pokémon fell of in my last post? Well—I decided I would address that in this post. That book review should be coming as I promised.

Gotta scam ’em all—maybe.

It’s not a scam—it’s just hard churning out a review for sci fi books, when there is nothing out there that catches my eye at the moment. I’m a very picky fellow, and as such, not everything that is mainstream interests me. But when it does, I become obsessed over it.

So I thought, why not talk about one of my childhood loves?




You Remember

Let me see a show of hands of all the Nintendo babies—I see you, raise those hands.

Late night runs to the Pokémon Day Care in Crystal? Over here.

Hunting tirelessly with that cheat code you got from the Internet, so you can get the Regis—you dirty rascal.

Seriously, I—love—Pokémon! That felt liberating. The adrenaline I have in my body right now could kill a horse—Ponyta you’re good.

The first version I think I played was Yellow—or was it Crystal? Red? I never thought about that question until now.

It doesn’t matter anyway when you love them all—probably not so much the recent ones though.

I’ll touch on that issue later.

I remember when playing Pokémon felt like VR, or as close to it as you would get. I became a brand new person when I heard that trademark Game Boy jingle as it turned on, followed by a—Ping!

This really takes me back. I don’t even know where to start.

From the Pokémon Center, to Professor Oak, to running to the nearest Poké Mart so you can restock on small amounts of PP Max and Potion—you cheap bastard you.

The best legendary to me, would be from the versions where Game Freak hit a plateau, or at least where they started to make a decline, in Pearl and Diamond—oh right, it’s Palkia.




Makes You Think

You know what’s funny? I never even knew that everyone considered those to be the best.

I searched the web for the top Game Boy games of all time, from Advance to DS, and Pearl, Diamond, and Platinum were up there. I think this was after Black 2 and White 2, most likely.

What’s even more interesting, is that these versions came long after I started playing Pokémon—so no, I’m not hating on the youngsters.

Sure, there are some great Pokémon that have been created recently, but I don’t get that “It” factor that I used to get, even when I just heard rumors that a new game was coming out.

Why I consider those three to be the best, were probably due to the amount of legendaries they contained.

Legendaries aren’t everything. You have the daunting task of completing that Pokédex, and making sure every Pocket monster on your team is the strongest, for the quest to be the ultimate Pokémon master

Who am I kidding?

The only reason why we’re there is for the legendaries. Right?

Don’t quote me on my previous statement, as I’m not sure if they had the most, but they did have a lot, and some of the most interesting ones too.




Did Someone Order the Magikarp?

These newer versions—sure they are great, but Pokémon doesn’t feel like how it used to.

It’s being aimed at a different audience—a much younger one. However, it’s something you can tell by the longevity of the buzz.

Great games, content, music, or whatever, transcend generations, and confinements of time periods.

I’m not sure what they’re doing over there, but they have to do something fast.

Again, I have no facts or statistics about the direction of their company, so I can’t tell you about sales or profits or anything like that, I’m just speaking clearly from my opinion.

Black and White were decent. But I just don’t see that hype that I used to.

It was years after that we got a different generation of Pokémon. That was how good Diamond and Pearl were. We were still preoccupied with what we had. Sure we were looking forward to another game, but what came out was phenomenal.

When Black and White came out, we were still good. With X and Y—not so much.




Not Your Brightest Idea

Here is the big catch with two, or three, of my favorite Pokémon versions. They made a Pokémon that was God, essentially.

When I first heard of Arceus, I thought it was a cool concept. Pokémon that created everything, or the most powerful, possibly being, in the universe turned out to be a Pokemon?—Okay.

I braked when writing that to chuckle a little. It doesn’t mean I hate the idea, as a matter of fact, I was one of the persons that was eager to catch him.

I just thought—how would you beat that?

Pokémon isn’t centered around which is the strongest out of all the versions. Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s the combinations that made the game priceless.

A Psychic Dragon? That’s amazing!

Though, it became who was strongest when Arceus came into the picture. I know there are going to be a couple that will dispute, refute or whatever—but it’s the truth.

You certainly don’t think I mean he can’t be defeated—that’s far from what I’m saying.

You could even beat him with a Magikarp, if you had a big enough ego, just to show off to your friends.

It’s the arc that got skewed when they made that move.

No matter what you try,  some way anything after would be after that. Never leaving much space to debate over.

I don’t know if it was confirmed, but supposedly, Type: Null was based on Arceus.

See where I’m coming from?

They included him in the arc again, three or four games after. Hold on let me count that—one, two—it’s at least eight games after.

Diamond and Pearl came out about 2006 or so. We’re now in 2018.

You had Pokemon that could take life and give life, essentially. And they were forgotten about as quickly as they were introduced.




Ye Olde Days

I’m really hoping they rejuvenate the franchise, with an idea that can bring light to the world as Pokemon once did.

It’s happened to many movies, anime, and games from my childhood. Child’s Play, Yu-Gi-Oh, to name a few.

No one is perfect, so we are liable to take things for granted, especially when we’re at our peak. Making a dumb move can be avoided at times I feel.

I’m not mad because of what they did, I’m mad because of what happened—as I expected that it would.

Mad is a strong word. I don’t hate Game Freak, I just love Pokemon. Now if I can get a girl to love me the same way I do Pokemon, I’ll be complete.

It’s just sad.

Things don’t have to die that fast. Pokemon had a good run, but it wasn’t time for the migration, we weren’t ready for that big of a change.

They had a trend of making a game bigger and better than the last. It’s like the equivalent of revealing a new iPhone—which I won’t touch now, but Steve would be proud.

For most of us, it would be months of begging, just for the assurance that we would get the game when it comes out, with the exception that we do good in school or something along those lines.

For the rest of us, we would get it with no questions asked, where after, our parents or guardians would do months of begging for us to step up the grades.

Now when you hear of a Pokémon leak, it’s not as thrilling.

Something needs to be done—and fast.




Hating the Hater

To be fair, the last one didn’t look like it was all that bad.

The twist is—with each update they add to the newest version, it gets less entertaining.

They should just take however long that they should, and come fresh. Just dedicate their all to it, as they used to. It’s the only method that can change the direction.

No matter what, you will always have persons that are down for Pokémonit’s Pokémon. They just need to bring back that spark the franchise had. I don’t even look forward to watching the anime anymore.

Not everything from a decade or more tanked. You still have Yu-Gi-Oh, it’s still pretty decent. I’m totally not lying with an awkward grin.

Jokes aside, the new Yu-Gi-Oh isn’t that bad, compared to Digimon—yikes—and others that I can’t think of right now.

Look at Final Fantasy. To this day they make great games. How do they do it after fifteen games or so? No clue, but they are awesome, nevertheless.

Maybe I’m just a grumpy old nerd. Pikachu do you think so?

Pika! Pika!

Oh Pikachu, you know what just to say—even if it’s always just one word.




Did This Just Happen?

If they can tell me where they are heading with the franchise, or next couple of games, I would be content—provided that what they tell me is good.

But how on God’s green earth, Pokémon Go bigger than the official games?

You know, when I first heard about Pokémon Go, I was ecstatic. I was looking forward to it—like really. Then it came out, and a lot of persons were flocking to it—even persons who didn’t play mobile games.

Persons who didn’t even play games at all.

Then everyone else became a little too obsessed. And I was disgruntled—look at me using big words while throwing a little kid tantrum.

My mindset was, “This is my game. My franchise. How dare they come here and pervert my childhood—not like that dummy—and make it look like everything that it stood for was just being some silly, game.”

And I totally didn’t throw a fit just there.

Then. Then! The game gets even bigger—really huge, that it even made the news. If Pokénerds—or gamers even—didn’t have enough problems, now we have everyone thinking, and the media portraying us as some lifeless losers, who just venture out to Poké Stops to get robbed.

—The first part was true, but we don’t do dumb stuff, or endanger ourselves, just to catch Pokémon, nor are we totally unaware of what’s going on around us. We do that from the safety of our basements.

Darn, you normies! You’ve screwed us over once again, and appropriated our culture for the sake of—trends.




We’ve Had Enough

Please give us back our franchise—it’s all that we have.

Can’t you just go back to Justin Bieber, or Kim Kardashian or something? Pokémon Go was just supposed to be this side thing for the franchise, it wasn’t supposed to overshadow the actual official games.

Sure, everyone has to eat, and I’m not bashing Game Freak for that. But newcomers, or at least somebody should pay homage to the originals.

Sigh, now people have this general idea that Pokémon started with the mobile mini-game—no, it didn’t.

They already thought we were stupid for catching creatures in a game, now we look dumber than ever.

You do have some die hard fans in the mix. But after it picked up, persons who didn’t hate video game players before, certainly hate us now.




Just a Little Bit More Hate…Please?

I’ll come clean. It looks like a fun game, I never played it though. Why? Well I did, technically.

Downloaded it, picked an outfit, then uninstalled. Seeing the reactions after, and leading up to it was too cringe for me. So I just let it miss me entirely.

Without a doubt, someone will say, “How can you say that? Pokémon Go is one of the greatest games of all time.” It is, along with Temple Run.

It must be enjoyable, why else would anyone play it? It’s just that Pokémon‘s name got burned when incidents arose from playing a game, where you literally just throw a ball at a monster.

That’s not what Pokémon is in the slightest!

How many of you remember when you used to try and catch another player’s Pokémon, only to have your ball slapped away?

Good times, good times.

How many of you did it again, right after?




Grumpy Road Ahead

I need the good old days back. Where we would do Pokémon battles using a link cable, or send Machoke through infrared with the Game Boy Color.

Alright, I don’t want that exactly.

Never thought the day would come where I would sound old as my parents.

To be honest, I’m kind of depressed. I feel burnt out after that rant. I guess I was just holding it in for too long.

Any business venture is a great one. Nothing beats a try but a failure, or something like that—I’m not the go to guy for inspiration and quotes.

But I just didn’t think this a direction, or move that wasn’t good for the culture.

I watched a video with Conan O’Brien, and he literally thinks we’re all on acid.

Correction, Pokémon Go players.

It was a little bit funny. Playing Pokémon from a device is one thing, it’s something else when the world thinks that you’re willing to jump off a cliff for Jolteon.




All Tucked In

I think I’m going to pull off for now. I have much to say—much more. But throwing words on the Internet—that’ll teach ’em.

Peace though. I won’t make any promises with the reviews, I’ll just go with flow man. It’s all love and positivity over here.

See you when I see you, I’m going to catch this Pikachu in the middle of night, for the sole reason of getting it before someone nearby does—even though it’s not the only in the game, nor will it ever be.

Don’t worry, I totally won’t get shot, and/or mugged—I have Blastoise.

Help a Magikarp in needHelp a Magikarp in need


  1. I hope the next Pokemon game lets you visit past regions, or even primarily takes place in old regions. I think seeing old and new tied together will make the last two generations feel like they belong… I love some of the new Pokemon (Phantump is my second favorite ever! And Rowlet/Decidueye are in my top ten, too!), but I haven’t felt like playing the newer games as much as I did the older games. I used to restart the older games all the time ’cause I enjoyed playing them so much, haha.

    Still, I’m such a hopeless nerd, I’d buy whatever Pokemon Nintendo puts out. Already got Detective Pikachu on preorder. 8)

    1. Yea, I agree 100 percent. I don’t think it’s the type of content, as I don’t feel it’s changed that much, but rather it needs more content, as you can finish Pokemon games relatively easy. I don’t know if that’s as a result of the internet or what, but it’s not as enjoyable as it once was.

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