Why God of War Could Dominate 2018 for Gaming

The long awaited God of War video game is finally here. Everyone has been on the edge of their seats trying to find out the release date. It was announced that April 18th would be the day we’d be sharpening our Blades of Chaos once again. And the Internet went crazy. A lot of moms will be seeing unexplained credit card charges coming up on their statements in the months to come.

We’re obsessed with the previous God of War games. But what is it that makes this one interesting and a possible contender for game of the year? Here are some of the reasons.


Kratos Weilding Shield in Battle with Jotunn

It’s the First Official Sequel in a Long Time

We’ve had sequels—prequels actually—of the God of War series but this will be the first to show what happened after Kratos destroyed Greece. Fans have been anticipating a look into the post-Greece world and our prayers have been answered—not by anyone really since Kratos…you know.

Taking on the role of father once again he embarks upon the Nordic world. Parenthood for the second time was something no one could foresee as Kratos never came across as the settling down type.

This was a good move. Thank you Santa Monica!


Kratos Powering up Leviathan Axe

One of the Few Long-Running Games in a While

With many of the games carried from the Playstation 2 being slowly diminished. It’s good to see that there’s at least one we can look forward to this year that can lift our spirits again—we see you FarCry don’t worry.

A lot of gamers and GoW fans can expect the god-killer to grace their screens one more time as a more reformed individual. And possibly with a totally different skill-set to take on his new challenge.


Kratos Pounding Draugr

Not Looking to make A Quick Buck

Based on what we’re hearing there’ll be no microtransactions in the upcoming GoW. It’s quite refreshing, seeing that most developers now are seeking to monetize every bit of the gaming experience.

A break finally from companies making gamers pay for games they’ve already paid for.

Making a living is never a bad thing unless it’s illegal. But when it becomes clear that you’re more focused on squeezing gamers for every dollar that they’re worth—it comes off as douche-y.


What Do You Think?

Is it possible that God of War will blow away everyone this year for gaming? Including those on other console systems? Only one way to find out, and that’s to go and get God of War on April 20. Let’s all meet in Valhalla and exchange stories of how many jötunn we’ve slain this year. See you there!


    1. He stabbed himself with the Blade of Olympus in an effort to, but he survived. There’s a scene after that showing him missing from the spot where he did it.

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